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We Offer:

  • Cape Cod style two story homes
  • Large and small Ranch style homes
  • Cabins and Getaway retreat style homes
  • Triple section and four section homes
  • Full Two story multi section homes
  • Basements, crawlspaces & foundations

What’s the process?

We have heard over the years that building a new home is a process that creates sleepless nights and stressful days. However, with a modular home, that process is simplified greatly allowing you to sit back and watch your home be built quickly without the stress and headaches associated with site built homes.. We have a step-by-step system that allows you to choose your exact site, and then customize the floor plan that fits your family’s needs, all within a budget and time frame that best serves you as a homeowner.

Step #1

Time to look at the new home site.

The first step in the process is the site visit. Your vision of how you want your home laid out on your property becomes a reality. During your visit from Accolade Homes, we will walk your land to discuss the site layout, and what views you want to see from your home. We will look at all variables to make sure your layout will work. During this time, we will also discuss what site work will be needed to make your site perfect, as well as save you money in the long run.  Once we know everything about your site, it’s time to move on to the next process.

Step #2

Designing your new home plan

We will help you find a floor plan that is best suited for you and your site.  If you are trying to have the perfect view, a large walk-out basement or a simple ranch style home with minimal stairs, then we should have a plan that will meet your needs.  Custom bathrooms and kitchens are popular options and we can assist you in designing the layouts that are right for you.   With the hundreds of floor plans that we have available, you can take the best features of several plans and engineer those ideas into one great home. This plan is then given to our drafting department and drawn to your specification for your approval.

Step #3

The Budget

Once we have a location and a floor plan that meets your needs, then we can establish a budget to build your home. To establish a correct budget we will need to obtain all site work bids (water / sewer, foundation, electric, etc.) If you are buying a new parcel of land, we will include the cost of the land and finally the price of the home with the options you are wanting. Then we roll the entire budget into a complete land home package or a simple home only loan.  At that point you will have a budget that you can compare with your own finances or a complete packet to provide to your bank / lender for a new home loan.

Step #4

Time to Build

With our line of homes, the process to build your home is much faster than conventional site building.  Our homes are built in a controlled environment and can be built in weeks, not months or years like site built homes.  Once the home is ordered we can provide you with an estimated delivery date and time line for you to move in.

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