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Park Model Homes


PARK MODELS CATALOG (floorplans inside)

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Our Park homes or more commonly called Park Models are constructed using advanced technology and design principles and are skillfully combined to produce high quality yet affordable weekend retreat and small vacation homes.

Park Model, although considered recreational vehicles, are transportable and primarily designed for long-term or permanent placement at a destination where an RV or mobile home is allowed. When set up, park models are connected to the utilities necessary to operate home style fixtures and appliances. Park models are popular with people for use as a cottage, vacation or retirement home.

Considered true industry professionals, our factory employs skilled craftsmen that build park homes with an exceedingly high level of expertise for the factory-built customer. All of our homes meet, and in many cases, exceed ANSI 119.5 building code, which is administered and sanctioned by the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association).

Park Models must remain under 400 square feet (37 m2) to qualify as a recreational vehicle under federal and state laws. Many of our Park homes offer a loft options, full baths, washer and dryer hookup, large living rooms and full kitchens all at an affordable price.