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Below you will find a number of the more frequently asked questions regarding our homes. If you don’t see the question or answer you’re looking for, simply contact us and one of our experienced housing consultants will provide you with the information that you need.

Do you offer land home packages?

Yes! Accolade Homes can offer you a land home package. We work with a number of real estate agents that will find the exact location for your dream home. At that point we will provide you with a complete bid for your construction and home project. And then will wrap the entire project into one package. Regardless if you home is 700 to 7000 sq. ft we have the resources to get it done allowing you to have one monthly payment.

How do I get financing?

Here at Accolade Homes we work with a number of finance companies that can offer you a wealth of experience and knowledge for your home financing process. Conventional, VA, FHA and construction loans are just a few of the many loan programs that we can help you obtain.

What are HUD coded homes?

NEBRASKA HUD SEALManufactured homes are constructed to meet or exceed the national code called HUD code (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development). The HUD code regulates manufactured home design and construction, strength and durability, fire resistance and energy efficiency. The HUD code also prescribes the performance standards for heating, plumbing, thermal and electrical systems.

These homes are built on a steel framework that is part of the home structure.  This frame cannot be removed and is permanently affixed to the home providing a great deal of its structural integrity.  This frame allows the home to be ground set on jacks or concrete block or placed upon a simple type of foundation type structure.  Most HUD homes are located in Mobile home parks and communities. This type of home often times is a single section home. However, 2 and 3 section HUD homes have been built.

Manufactured HUD homes are identified by a HUD code label that is affixed to the outside of the home. It is a light metal and is usually a reddish color and will always have the term ”Housing and Urban Development” with in the text.  With in the home you typically will also find a Data plate located in one of the following locations.  Sometimes this affixed in the water heater / furnace area, under the kitchen sink of in the master closet attached to the wall.   This data plate can be identified by a map of the Untied States showing wind loads and snow loads for the home.  There should be additional information about the homes furnace and other appliances also present.  Keep in mind the steel frame under the home is typically a good indication that the home is built to HUD code.

Manufactured HUD homes are more difficult finance and insure based upon their type of construction the fact that often times they can be moved from site to site.  They typically do not hold there value as well as a Modular IRC homes.  However, there are a few lenders and insurance companies that offer programs for this type of home.  Rates can be a little higher so please consult you lender and insurance person prior to making any final decisions.

What are modular, IRC & UBC homes?

MODSEAL2 MODSEALA Modular, IRC and UBC coded homes are constructed to meet or exceed the regional, state, and or local building codes. These homes are built in section in a factory controlled environment. These sections are transported to the site on a carrier frame where they are lifted off of the carrier frame and placed on a permanent foundation. This type of construction can be quickly assembled to give minimal exposure to the weather and allowing a quicker move-in date.

Modular, IRC and UBC homes must be placed on a foundation therefore there is no distinction between a modular IRC and a site built home. Your financing and insurance will be the same as any other site built home at a fraction of the cost per square foot. We have seen that Modular, IRC and UBC construction has become the preferred building method for those individuals that are concerned about a quick construction time frame and top quality all at a lower price per square foot.

Modular, IRC and UBC coded homes are built in sections.  You will see double section, and 3 section homes being the most common.  We have seen several homes that offer multi sections of more than 4 individual sections coming together to form one large structure in a fraction of the time as on site construction.

What services do you provide?
What’s the difference between manufactured HUD & modular IRC ?

Both style of homes are highly engineered and are constructed in sections and joined together by the dealer at your job site. The building process begins in the design phase by engineers using state of the art computer aided design programs. These programs allow the builder to customize floor plans and produce drawings that allow for exact material requirement lists.

Both allow for consistent quality and a quicker build time then on site construction. Typically a home can be built in a few short weeks and every thing can be completed including interior finish right down to the carpet installation.  Both home are transported to your site and set up.

However the similarities end at that point. Following you will see the differences between the two allowing you to determine what type of construction is right for your situation.

Why are your prices so low?

We are not plagued with high rent payments and overhead costs that many dealerships face each day. We are locally owned and operated. We have positioned ourselves to pass on our low overhead to you with lower home prices and services saving you a great deal on your home purchase.

Why should I choose Accolade?

Since 1984, Accolade Homes has been dedicated to providing customers with excellent homes and services – we want you to have a great home purchasing experience! We provide a complete line of homes, land home packages, on site construction and more. If you want a great custom factory-built home, basement, garage, barn and more we are the ones who can get it done!