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Best Modular Homes in Colorado

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All of us here at Accolade Homes of Calhan, Inc. take great pride in knowing that when comparing apples to apples, the Bonnavilla and Bellavista lines are the best value, quality and craftsmanship of any factory built home currently offered in Colorado.  Everything from the real wood trim, china sinks and residential components all create a superior home line.

With a recent change in lineup, customers now have even more choices when it comes to buying a home. The arrival of the Bellavista line is the perfect compliment for the already outstanding Bonnavilla line.

The Bonnavilla line of homes is loaded with options as standards. Upgraded cabinets, furnace, carpet, flooring, among others are all included in one low price, without the need for a lengthy order form. For those customers who want the best options included in their base price, Bonnavilla is the home line for them.

The Bellavista line gives the customer the freedom to start at a much lower base price and build their home from the base  to Bonnavilla specs and beyond. By coming in at a lower price point, the Bellavista line competes directly with other manufacturers in terms of price, but with better quality, materials and craftsmanship. With a full line of upgrades, the Bellavista line offers the customer the option to build their home with only the options they want.  By doing so, this process keeps the price down while keeping the quality and overall livability high.

We know that buying a home can be stressful, but the Bonnavilla and Bellavista lines of homes can make that process a little bit easier. With the support of a great factory with more than 45 years experience in the building industry, Accolade Homes has grown to be one of the top dealers in the state and is here for all of your home buying needs.