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Two Story & Cape Cod Style Homes


Our BonnaVilla line of homes now gives you an option of a second story! All houses 64 feet in length or shorter qualify for the second story of a Cape Cod style home. Based on the length of the original floor plan, you can expect between 1000 and 1500 additional square feet of space. The best part of the second story is the freedom you have in designing it. Because of limitation at the factory, the roof has to be hinged down during transport. Once the house gets to site, the roof is raised up and assembled by our crew. Once completed, the entire upstairs is unfinished. At this point, you can design the upstairs any way you wish. We have done everything from a master suite to a living room to a music studio and everything in between. The sky is the limit!

Most of double section plans up to 76’ can have a full second floor. This second story would be designed and finished by the factory in the plant.  Doubling your square footage and if you add a full basement you could triple the square footage.

Often times with the second story comes a steeper roof pitch and the option of several different kinds of dormers and window options, all available to give you that custom look.

See more photos of two story homes HERE!